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Join Us at the Centre Club on June 13th for Helping Hands Happy Hour:
A Night to Empower and Uplift Foster Children with Fostering Hearts FL!​ 

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Life's full of stories that don't always get told. Among them is what it's like to be a foster kid—a life that's tough but also filled with moments of real courage and brightness.

May is National Foster Care Month (NFCM)

Help raise awareness about this year’s theme:
“Engaging Youth. Building Supports. Strengthening Opportunities.”

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Fostering Hearts FL & Friends of Joshua House - A Partnership for Brighter Futures

Big Changes in Learning for Foster Kids in Tampa Bay

In collaboration with Friends of Joshua House in Lutz, Fostering Hearts FL is embarking on a heartfelt mission to change the lives of foster children through education.


Highlighted by ABC Action News in Tampa, our new pilot program is a testament to our commitment to these children, who have faced more challenges than most of us can imagine.

By integrating online learning with one-on-one teaching, we're not just teaching math and reading; we're building trust, hope, and resilience. 

This initiative is more than an educational program; it's a promise to our Tampa Bay area foster kids that we believe in their potential and are here to support them every step of the way.

Let the ABC Action News story move you as it has moved us. It showcases our collective efforts to ensure these young souls not only catch up but excel and thrive. It's about providing a stable foundation for their growth and showing them the love and support they deserve, illuminating their path to a brighter future.

Joshua House is our first of many foster communities to launch this concept, and we are actively seeking to partner with more organizations and communities. Our goal is to extend this empowering educational model to foster children across the region, offering them the stability and support they need to succeed academically and personally. Through these partnerships, we aim to create a network of supportive environments that foster learning, growth, and the realization of each child's potential. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more!


We started something big to help foster kids learn better. Now, we're looking to do this with more groups, just like we did with our first project.  We want to show how, together, we can make learning better for foster kids everywhere. Stay with us as we grow and help more kids get the education they deserve.

Connecting Hearts, Empowering Futures

Fostering Hearts FL was created in 2022 to address the unique challenges faced by foster children and foster teens by providing them with comprehensive educational, social, emotional and life skills support, fostering a supportive community to empower them to thrive in all aspects of life.


At Fostering Hearts FL, we empower foster kids with educational, social, emotional, and life skills support, laying the foundation for their success beyond academics. We nurture personal growth and strength, ensuring every child is prepared to confidently thrive in all aspects of life. Our holistic approach shapes well-rounded individuals ready for a flourishing future.


By focusing on each child's unique journey, we unlock each child's potential, guiding them toward a future filled with promise and success. Together, we're building a community where each foster child feels valued, supported, and inspired to reach for their dreams with unwavering hope and courage.

Foster children education Florida
Tampa Bay foster children high school graduation

Through mentorship and teaching practical life skills, we're here to fuel their growth, heart and soul, preparing them for what's ahead. With our pilot program, we're building a haven for learning, tailor-made for foster children, especially those healing from past traumas.

The Fostering Hearts FL team is tackling the tough issue of low graduation rates head-on by offering foster children the support and tools to flourish. Fostering Hearts FL isn't just any organization—it's a gathering of caring hearts who want to give foster children the chance to shine in school and life.


Building Brighter Tomorrows, One Child at a Time


Transforming Lives with Innovation, Compassion, and Community

Innovative Education

Fostering Hearts leverages the flexibility of the Florida Virtual School (FLVS) combined with unwavering support of experienced, compassionate educators to provide foster children with consistent, accredited education tailored to their individual needs.


This adaptable model enables them to learn comfortably in a familiar, supportive environment while actively participating in sports, band, and other diverse, enriching activities.

Comprehensive Support Program

Beyond academics, our organization is deeply committed to nurturing the whole child comprehensively. Through mentorship programs and extensive life skills training, we ensure foster children feel loved, seen, heard, valued, empowered, and understood.


Our programs aim to prepare them for future challenges, teaching them emotional intelligence and essential practical lessons they might otherwise miss, fostering resilience and adaptability.

Tailored Pilot Program with Joshua House

In partnership with Joshua House, Fostering Hearts FL has launched a pilot program designed to offer a nurturing and supportive learning space for foster children, especially those recovering from trauma.


Our pilot program with Joshua House is specifically aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, providing personalized attention, and helping foster academic catch-up, confidence rebuilding, and overall personal growth.

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