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Fostering Hearts FL Mission Statement

Katy Rey Foundation DBA Fostering Hearts Florida

Fostering Hearts FL was created in 2022 to address the unique challenges faced by foster children and foster teens by providing them with comprehensive educational, social, emotional and life skills support, fostering a supportive community to empower them to thrive in all aspects of life.


At Fostering Hearts FL, we're dedicated to more than just education; we're committed to empowering each foster child with the tools they need for a flourishing life. Our mission goes beyond academic achievement; we offer a personalized, safe space for growth where every child receives individualized support in social, emotional, and practical life skills essential for navigating today's world.

Together with our community and partners, we create a caring and supportive environment that supports the holistic development of foster children, ensuring they have access to comprehensive education and life skills training necessary for thriving. Our approach is deeply holistic, nurturing not just the intellect but also the heart and spirit of each child. We equip them with the resilience, wisdom, and practical skills needed to transform life's challenges into opportunities, preparing them for a successful future beyond the foster care system. 

At Fostering Hearts FL, we're not just supporting academic success; we're building well-rounded individuals ready to believe in themselves with confidence and embrace their journey with hope and determination.

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